About Rubicon Heritage

Rubicon Heritage Services was formerly known as Headland Archaeology (Ireland) Ltd. Since 2000 we have developed a reputation for professionalism, efficiency and reliability. We are one of  the largest archaeology firms in Europe, supplying services to the UK, Ireland and further afield. We have offices in Ireland, England and Scotland. As a commercial company, we do a lot of varied work, not just the ‘digging’ that everyone is used to!

So what do we do? Long before excavation starts we have a range of techniques that we can employ to see what archaeology might be present at any given location. We can assess areas using desk based research and fieldwalking techniques; survey land topographically to see if there are any ‘lumps and bumps’, or look under the ground with geophysics to see if there are signs of human activity. When we do need to excavate, we have to be ready for anything from small pits and postholes through to huge deserted medieval villages! Much of our work involves dozens or even hundreds of archaeologists working together on many different sites at once- for example on the route of a road corridor. The story doesnt end with digging up the archaeology though- we have lots of specialists who analyse everything from human remains to seeds, and graphics experts who can bring a site back to life through reconstructions. We always try to publish our findings in magazines, journals and books, as we think it is important that everyone gets to share in what we find out about our past. If you would like to find out more about Rubicon Heritage please visit our website here.

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  3. Logie Old Graveyard Group is thrilled that you are featuring our project on your blog and as enthusiastic interested amateurs await further information with interest.

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